My first experience with professional cameras (DSLR) was back in 1997 at my university in Brazil, where I majored in advertising. It was an analog Olympus and since then I started to enjoy photography and videos, but I had never taken it seriously until the day I started to work in marketing at Sony Corporation. I was living in Brazil at the time and digital cameras were starting to make the shift from analog.  I’m talking about 2003-2004 when I was still using analog cameras, scanning photos and working in SD or Standard Resolution (480 lines of resolution) as output – very poor for today’s TVs and phones. From time to time, I enjoyed doing slideshows and videos of family, which I will someday get around to remastering in higher resolution such as HD, 4K, (maybe 8K?) as side projects (laughs).


  I worked for several years at Sony with many different product categories until the day I moved to Miami, Florida and started to manage Cameras for Sony Latin America. From that point, I’ve learned about the photography market in addition to camera hardware. I started to accumulate several products / accessories and began using them more and more, most of the time just with my family and friends.  Around 2016, I got more serious in photography and even took courses to learn more about hardware and software such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I started taking sports photos, mainly for my children's activities such as basketball and soccer at school / boot camps.  From there, I never stopped. I added my footvolley passion and started to sell professional services in 2018. Little by little, I’m starting to expand my knowledge to corporate events and headshots since I have so many corporate friends. Throughout 15 years in sales and marketing in many different positions and geographies in Sony, I have launched literally hundreds if not thousands of products and product photography is also a passion of mine.

  In addition to photography, I am a realtor in Miami which is opening many doors on the  property photo shooting side. This is great for aerial images, another interesting area to work with and I enjoy taking photos of properties which allows me to personally contribute to expanding this market segment. Unfortunately it is full of bad quality images – don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean the professional photographers doing beautiful jobs, but when agents use phones to quickly capture a property, it ends up depreciating that property in terms of its representation on the market.  I look forward to contributing to a more professional approach in this particular area of photography.

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